🏅$DNR Points

Donorship has introduced a groundbreaking $DNR point system aimed at fostering a culture of giving. The innovative system tracks and rewards donors for their contributions to over 1,000 non-profit organizations and charities integrated into Donorship’s ecosystem. Donors accumulate $DNR points based on the amount of cryptocurrency contributed through Donorship’s widget, with 10,000 $DNR points credited for every dollar donated. The motivation behind this system is to incentivize users to actively engage in philanthropy, turning the act of giving into a rewarding experience.

The $DNR point system extends its inclusivity across platforms, allowing users to earn points through any widget, whether on Donorship's native platform or partner platforms like Bitcoin.com, Shopping.io, or Dextools. Donorship has also introduced an Affiliate Program, encouraging platform owners to integrate Donorship’s widget, with affiliates earning $DNR points based on donation amounts processed through their widgets.

The system seamlessly integrates with over 1,000 non-profit organizations, making the process of giving convenient and impactful. $DNR point leaderboards add a competitive and gamified element to philanthropy, updating in real-time based on user donations. Transparency and accountability are ensured through blockchain technology, providing an immutable record of contributions.

The introduction of Donorship's $DNR point system is positioned to revolutionize cryptocurrency donations by merging technology, philanthropy, and gamification, creating a more connected and impactful global community.

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